Jay - rhythm guitar
Dave - Lead Guitar

Vyan - 

 - Drums

Elias - Bass

Formed in late 2002, GliTCHeD was started by dynamic rhythm guitarist Jason Pate and fiery lead guitarist Dave Thornhill. The duo then recruited drummer/vocalist Mark Allen and bassist Elias Longoria to build a concrete solid foundation under their innovative songs and began reheasal/writing while auditioning for potential singers/vocalist. Eventually they recruited Vyan , who rounded out the hard rocking quintet bringing a powerful, melodic and soulful voice to their thundering riffs.

Coming together these five have set out to create a completely new kind of hard rock band with a new outlook - Nu-Skool/Old School/All the above and more - including influences as diverse as 80's Metallica, Anthrax, Sevendust, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Nonpoint, Audiovent, Stone Sour, Soundgarden and many more. As this new hard rocking band has begun to develop and carve it's own sonic niche, many new sonic horizons have already appeared and the band fully intends to explore them all - no holds barred!.

Through their music, GliTCHeD explores the breakdown of human relationships, and our concept of humanity itself as the world slips further and further into the increasingly impersonal digital age. A new world that strangely parallels and impacts the "real" one, but for many has become far more than real. Where many people have never even met their "best friends" face to face. A new world where romance can blossom, fail and enemies abound as basic civility becomes an afterthought. Pandora's box is open and can never be closed. The world is now thoroughly GliTCHeD, but that doesn't mean it can't get better.

Those who dare to accept the challenge of looking at hard rock and metal both new and old ways are welcome to join the ride. Surprises, thrills, spills and chills along the way are guaranteed.

Click to Visit Mark Gilmore's Local Licks on 98 Rock Already their unique approach has begun to generate a positive response as an advance mix of one song from the upcoming debut CD by GliTCheD has been chosen by Sacramento Radio Station KRXQ (98 Rock) for the 11th annual "Sac Rocks" compilation. A special collection of songs by new and local artists which has previously featured groups such as Papa Roach, Deftones, Oleander, Die Trying, various members of Tesla, and newly signed Roadrunner Records artist Red Tape, and Earache Records artist Shortie.

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